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About Us

Franca's Pizza Exterior

20 Years ago, Franca started her basket business out of the basement of her house. From there it grew into a proper business and we opened a small coffee shop location on Edmonton Trail where she could display her wonderful baskets and serve coffee, panini's and desserts. The business kept growing and we moved further down Edmonton Trail to a bigger loaction and opened a restaurant which is called Franca's Italian Restaurant. Business kept growing steadily year after year by word of mouth and we started to see a lot of new customers arrive as guests and leave as family. In 2020, COVID shocked the world and we had to adapt to the situation to keep our business growing that we worked so hard to build, and that is where the idea for Franca's Pizza was born. Mario perfected his dough recipie over the years and with help and feedback from the family.

We are proud to bring a new location to the south of Calgary and hopefully this business will grow the way we have done it in the past by working together as a family and providing the community with exceptional quality food.

We hope to make our mark in Calgary and continue the legacy of what our family has built together.

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